La Colombera

A mission called Timorasso

Timorasso is a local white grapes vine, cultivated in the Tortonian territory since the Middle Ages. Already mentioned in the first agrarian encyclopedia of the XIV century, this wine confirms its tendencies and, over the centuries, becomes the most important Piedmontese white vine. After World War II its production is gradually abandoned, as other more vigorous and resistant grapes are preferred.

Elisa, the pioneer winemaker, believes in the legend of a great vine

In the ’90s Piercarlo and Elisa, together with some young winemakers of the Colli Tortonesi, are among the first 5 wineries to believe in the rediscovery of Timorasso. In their 20 hectares of La Colombera, they locate the grounds destined to exalt the characteristics of this vine : an alternation of clayey sandstone and marn layers, limestone and tuff spots, the right altitude to give the wine a marked minerality and a defined quality, which improve in ageing.

Derthona and Montino

Piercarlo and Elisa plant 5 different types of vineyards, by using a mass selection of Timorasso’s vines. After many years of research and of sensory analysis, they succeed in getting a complete ampelographic and aromatic profile as well as a greater complexity in the glass. As a result, they select the Montino Cru, the most awarded wine of La Colombera.
When young, the Timorasso is robust and pleasant; after bottle ageing, more interesting qualities emerge : mineral and hydrocargon notes, refinement and balance, power and intensity.

Colli Tortonesi's DOC

Elisa examines the grapes and transforms the bunches in labels that tell the story of La Colombera and its territory : Colli Tortonesi V.Q.P.R.D (Quality Wines) Barbera Elisa, aged in wood, a wine dedicated to each woman of the family, while a tractor is bought for the birth of a son. Vegia Rampana (Old Witch), Barbera aged in steel. Suciaja, local Nibiò vine related to Dolcetto Romba Croatina in steel Archè Croatina in wood Bricco Bartolomeo, 100% Cortese.